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Toyota 261C/Crawler solid lifter camshaft.These camshafts are brand new cores, that  I personally grind to exact specs. I have been grinding camshafts full time for 25 years. If you are familiar with EPN Camshafts, you are familiar with mine. The 261C/Crawler cam is a nice high torque cam for a 4x4. It adds 12 degrees duration and 10 thousands lift over a stock cam. This is a great street cam with a lot of low end power and it works great on carbureted or fuel injected engines. The camshafts specs are 222 degrees duration at .050  261 ' duration advertised and .410 lift

*All New Toyota 22RE Camshafts Require Oil with Zinc *

Toyota 20R & 22R 261C/Crawler solid lifter camshaft

  • This Camshaft has a 30 Day warranty

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