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Toyota 268C/Torker solid lifter camshaft.These camshafts are brand new cores, that  I personally grind to exact specs. I have been grinding camshafts full time for 25 years. If you are familiar with EPN Camshafts, you are familiar with mine. The 268C/Torker cam is a nice high torque cam for a 4x4. It adds 8 degrees duration and 25 thousands lift over a stock cam. This is a great street cam with a lot of low end power and it works great on carbureted or fuel injected engines. This is my favorite street cam for a Toyota 22R.This is a very modern grind with quick opening and closing ramps this cam has high lift for the short duration which makes it generate a lot of torque.This camshaft makes less valve train noise than stock and is compatible with all stock valve train components. This cam has 218 degrees duration at .050 and 268 degrees duration advertised. The lift of the cam is .425.

*All New Toyota 22RE Camshafts Require Oil with Zinc *

Toyota 20R & 22R 268C/Torker solid lifter camshaft

  • This camshaft is covered from manufacturer defects for a 30 day period.

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