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Roller Rocker for the Toyota 22RE 22R 20R

Here is the first look at the new roller rocker for the Toyota 22RE 22R 20R

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Week One Of Testing

After a week of testing about 275 miles everything looks good. Here is the video Let us know what you think


Hi Bill! Talked to you on 8/14/2023 about LC Engineering and your roller cam production as well your roller cam followers. Sign me up for your first run/ test of your design, My info is in my account, Bud


Wow i'm blown away!!! I almost wish i had thought about it myself!! I'm definitely interested in a set myself. My only concern is available camshaft profiles. My motor is boosted so i have special camshaft profile needs.


Second the below. When will these be available?


I would like to know when these are available to buy my brother and I would buy a set each these are bad ass!

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