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Toyota 270/430 H/O solid lifter camshaft.These camshafts are brand new cores, that  I personally grind to exact specs. I have been grinding camshafts full time for 25 years. If you are familiar with Engine Rebuilders Camshafts, you are familiar with mine. The 270/430 H/O cam is a nice healthy Hp cam grind. It adds 30 degrees duration and 30 thousands lift over a stock cam. You may lose a little torque right off idle but you will more than make it up in the midrange and top end. The camshafts specs are 232 degrees duration at .050  270 ' duration advertised and .430 lift .

*All New Toyota 22RE Camshafts Require Oil with Zinc *

Toyota 20R & 22R 270/430 H/O solid lifter camshaft

SKU: CM270
  • This camshaft is covered from manufacturer defects for a 30 day period.

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